How to determine your glove size


Wrap a fabric tape measure around your dominant hand at its widest part, excluding the thumb. Note the measurement and use the size charts to confirm your glove size.

How to measure hand for glove size



Glove Size Charts








7.5 - 11 19 - 28.5 ONE 7.5 - 11 6.5 - 8.5 16.5 - 20.5 ONE 6.5 - 8.5
7 18 XS 7 6 15 XXS 6
7.5 19 S 7.5 6.5 16.5 XS 6.5
8 20.5 S 8 7 18 S 7
8.5 21.5 M 8.5 7.5 19 M 7.5
9 23 M 9 8 20.5 L 8
9.5 24 L 9.5 8.5 21.5 XL 8.5
10 26 L 10
10.5 27 XL 10.5
11 28.5 XL 11
11.5 29.5 XXL 11.5

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m between glove sizes?

If you are between glove sizes, round down to the nearest half or whole number. The leather will stretch slightly with use. This is especially true for hairsheep leather gloves. As a general rule, the thicker the leather, the less stretch there is. Other materials, such as knitted gloves or ones with elastane, also stretch.

What if I don’t have a tape measure?

If you don’t have a tape measure, use a piece of string or ribbon to wrap around your hand. Lay the string flat on a ruler and measure the length to find your glove size.

Which is my dominant hand?

Your dominant hand is the right hand if you are right-handed and the left hand if you are left-handed. Your dominant hand is usually slightly larger than the other, so its best to ensure the gloves fit your larger hand.

How should I position my hand?

Your hand should be flat/ open. Do not bend it or clench into a fist.

What is the widest part of my hand?

The widest part of your hand is usually just below your knuckles. Remember to exclude the thumb from your measurement.

How tight should the tape measure be?

The tape measure should be snug against your skin – as the gloves will be. Don’t pull too tight or let it get too loose.

Is finger length important?

Our gloves are crafted to standard finger lengths for men and women. If you think that your fingers might be on the shorter side, we offer a collection of shorter finger length gloves. These are some of our most popular styles but with the finger length slightly reduced.

How should the gloves feel once on?

The gloves should feel snug at first but will stretch with wear. We offer three types of fit so you can choose the one that best suits you – Slim, Regular and Casual.

  • Slim fit - this is our closest fit, offers a sleek and flattering silhouette and suits modern dressing
  • Regular fit - this is tailored but not tight, fits most hand shapes and suits both smart and casual dressing
  • Casual fit - this is our roomiest and most generously cut glove, it offers maximum comfort and works well with casual clothing

How do I buy gloves for someone without knowing their glove size?

This is a question we often hear. For advice on this, please head to the Dents article 'How to buy gloves as a gift'.

How to find the right length of glove

We craft gloves of varying lengths for women and men. See our glove length charts to find the right length of glove for you.

Glove Length Charts

Men's Glove Lengths

We offer three glove lengths for men.

 Wrist: For a sleek and streamlined look

 Men's Above Wrist Glove LengthAbove Wrist: Provides added warmth and comfort

Gauntlet Gloves for MenGauntlet: Offers extended length for extra coverage


Women's Glove Lengths

We offer six glove lengths for women.

Women's Wrist Length GlovesWrist: Perfect with long sleeves 

Women's Above Wrist GlovesAbove Wrist: Ideal with three-quarter length sleeves

Women's Mid Arm GlovesMid Arm: Looks fantastic with short sleeves

Women's Below Elbow GlovesBelow Elbow: Style with capped or very short sleeves

Women's Above Elbow GlovesAbove Elbow: Wear with a sleeveless dress or top

Women's Opera GlovesOpera: Pairs elegantly with bare shoulders